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High "Q" Cavity Bandpass Filters

Microwave Filter Company’s line of High Q Bandpass Filter offers tunable quarter wave cavities in a variety of diameters for increased Q, selectivity and low loss. Tunability, Fo ± 5%, is achieved using adjustable loops and tunable resonators. Single, double and triple cavity models are available covering a broad frequency band of 30 - 950 MHz.

Useful as a receive preselector or to clean up spurious transmit signals, the High Q Bandpass Filter is also available in custom configurations and multiplexers to meet your particular requirements.

Temperature stability using an invar tuning rod, and our rugged low loss construction makes a dependable filter.

Model Application For Specifications
9393 3" cavity download PDF
9494 4" cavity download PDF
9507 7" cavity download PDF
9510 10" cavity download PDF
9512 12" cavity download PDF

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